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Daira Books

Daira Books is a book publishing agency in India. They have been printing books over the years and had a large reader's base. After the ebooks became popular, they recognized the need of shifting their books from offline to online mode. Hence, they reached out to us looking for a platform where users could read their favourite books and other sellers could also sell their books inside the platform.

App Features

End to End, EBook Multivendor Application Developed Exactly On The Basis Of Client's Needs

App Features

  • Popular and featured books
  • Search books by authors, keywords
  • Personalized books
  • Books segregration in categories and subcategories
  • Book detail & related Books
  • Add reviews & Ratings to books
  • Open book with last read position
  • Share Books with others
  • Beautiful UI/UX designs
  • Payment gateway
  • Download invoices
  • Share app with Friends
  • Push Notifications

Admin Features

  • Statistical Dashboard
  • Add, Remove, Update & Delete Categories
  • Add, Remove, Update & Delete Sub Categories
  • Add, Remove, Update & Delete Books
  • Accept/Reject new book upload requests
  • Read user comments
  • CRUD operations on users
  • Block users
  • Send push notifications.
  • Manage sales and revenues


There was a large existing customer base of the client. So we have to manage everything accordingly because it was certain that the app will immediately gain traction. Apart from this, the client has many customized requirements. Most importantly, they want to encourage entrepreneurship, so they wanted a feature where anyone could list their ebooks for selling in the application. Combinedly it was a product with enormous amount of features. UI/UX and material designs were of great concern too.

Thus the goal was to design and develop superb and scalable application with capabilities of handling all the business operations for the client.

case study

How We Work

We followed our standard operating procedures and the output was a great product.

The development kickstarted with the project documentation first. Understanding all the business principles, required features, and software specification. With the designs, we provided a touch and feel of the multi-vendor capabilities for the user. Instead of providing separate logins for the seller feature, we thought of providing the option where any user could become a seller after filling and upload further details. Overall the app turned out to be feature packed and robust. For the smooth performance, we use the latest technologies to make sure the app runs successfully for all users.

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UI/UX Design

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Front-end Dev

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Back-end Dev

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Strategy and Documentation

Final Output

Project Screenshots


Client Testimonials

Check our customers success stories.

Akshat is perfection. He is the highest quality person and a top-notch professional. I could not be happier with him and his team. This was a complicated project and he understood and executed beyond my expectation... he made everything so easy, and on the personal level he is such a pleasure as a partner. I feel lucky to have found him. Amazing person and experience.

Good Review

Dane Phoenix

Cornelius, USA

Conquered many challenges to make this application a STELLAR one. Many developers can make buttons and create simple apps, but Akshat and his team helped us create something really powerful and unique, including really advanced file management to secure locations, automated daily processes that are complex, and control of an external medical device with granular controls. Really top notch.

Good Review

Elliot Raj

Tampa, USA

BrainBox Apps team is unique. I have worked with other companies in the past from India, China and other parts of the world. This team has by FAR the best customer service I have experienced with a tech development company. They will go above and beyond and most important they care that your project ends up being successful for the end customers.

Good Review

Jaime Carriallo

Texas, USA

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