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Nodia Publications

Nodia Publications, also recognized as Jhunjhunwala Publications, stand as a dominant force in the educational books sector. Achieving over 1 million installs within just 8 months is truly remarkable, showcasing the power of establishing strong brand value alongside exceptional service. Nodia holds a prestigious position as a key educational book publisher in India, catering to approximately 45% of the student population. Our collaboration with them resulted in a seamless transition from traditional offline methods to a dynamic online presence, powered by innovative technology and creative strategies. The outcome was nothing short of outstanding, fueling our motivation to continue pushing boundaries.

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Akshat is perfection. He is the highest quality person and a top-notch professional. I could not be happier with him and his team. This was a complicated project and he understood and executed beyond my expectation... he made everything so easy, and on the personal level he is such a pleasure as a partner. I feel lucky to have found him. Amazing person and experience.

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Dane Phoenix

Cornelius, USA

Conquered many challenges to make this application a STELLAR one. Many developers can make buttons and create simple apps, but Akshat and his team helped us create something really powerful and unique, including really advanced file management to secure locations, automated daily processes that are complex, and control of an external medical device with granular controls. Really top notch.

Good Review

Elliot Raj

Tampa, USA

BrainBox Apps team is unique. I have worked with other companies in the past from India, China and other parts of the world. This team has by FAR the best customer service I have experienced with a tech development company. They will go above and beyond and most important they care that your project ends up being successful for the end customers.

Good Review

Jaime Carriallo

Texas, USA

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